Noodles & Rice


Steamed Edamame Pods $9

Mushroom Potstickers $12
Sweet and sour ponzu sauce

Edamame Ravioli $15
Sauternes-shallot broth

Hoison Glazed Pork Belly $15
Spicy shallots, cabbage, steamed “buns”

Chicken & Ginger Dumplings $11
Sesame dipping sauce

Wagyu Beef Satay $18
Vegetable tempura

Buddakan Style Sashimi $18
Citrus-soy, sizzling oil

Cantonese Spring Rolls $14
Shrimp, chicken

Szechuan Pork Dumplings $12
Chili-soy broth

Shrimp Dumplings $14
Water chestnuts, ginger, scallions

Tuna Spring Rolls $14
Tuna tartare, crispy shallots, chili mayonnaise

Spicy Rock Shrimp Bao Buns $16
Pickled slaw

Oxtail Dumplings $14
sweet soy, green apple, jalepeno

Tea Smoked Spare Ribs $18
Hoisin barbecue, pickled slaw


Crispy Calamari Salad $15/$21
Sweet miso dressing

Asian Caesar Salad $13/$19
Spicy cashews

Buddakan House Salad $12
Ginger vinaigrette

Thai Chicken Salad $14
Chili vinaigrette, crispy rice noodles


Beef Fried Rice $20
kimchee, fried egg

Crab Fried Rice $20
Wok scrambled egg

Vegetable Fried Rice $13
Coconut curry foam, egg

Lobster Fried Rice $22
Saffron, Thai basil

Shrimp Lo Mein $22
XO sauce, scallions

Pad Thai $25
Shrimp, bean sprouts

Spiced Tofu & Cashews $16

Eggplant, oven dried pineapple



Black Bean Scallops $19
Chinese bacon, shiitake, shishito peppers

Char Grilled Aged Beef $20
Szechuan fries, watercress salad

Five Spice Duck Breast $20
Roasted garlic, corn and scallion spoon bread

Grilled Lamb Chops $23
Chinese eggplant, garlic sauce, Thai basil pesto

Wasabi Crusted Filet Mignon $39
Sweet potato mash

Black Pepper Beef $29
Wok tossed rib eye, crispy bird’s nest

Wok Cashew Chicken $19
Plum wine sauce

Pan Seared Sea Bass $29
Haricots verts, butternut squash, maitake mushrooms, truffle jus

Sweet & Crispy Shrimp $28
Citrus-radish salad, candied walnuts


Tempura Vegetables $9.50

Chinese Eggplant, Garlic Sauce $9.50

Sweet Potato Mash $9.50

Curried Cauliflower $9.50
spiced cashews

Sweet Corn Tempura $9.50
jalepeno scallion aioli

Snow Peas $9.50
wild mushrooms, smoked bacon, water chestnuts